Development of manual attic

-Before All you need to file a building permit we can help you for this administrative formality


There are many ways to create a new space in the roof

1-fitting with changing the frame structure

If you have an "American" frame in W (farmhouses says) it's very easy to change without the need to remove the tiles.

We must first create a support beams that support the floor but also the false ceiling dessous.Puis strengthen rafters,

place a entered will determine the level of the ceiling of this new space finally struts that they determine the width of the room.

Of course I do not recommend doing this work yourself. You need a specialist structure like me, to prevent your roof collapses.

This solution is the simplest but sometimes this is not possible because lack of height is too often forgotten thicknesses that will have to add:

ground about 20 to 30 cm (structure of the roof deck) and the same thing under the slopes (+ insulation structure).

So if it does not pass or if it seems too small there are other solutions.

2-The roof slope change

This is to accentuate the roof pitch (make the steep roof) again do not panic just make the site even if you live in the house:

It should initially creates a structural floor between the farmhouses in W as in the first case.

Then installs new farmhouses have more slope and pulling the under-roof as and as we advance and the house was still safe from the elements.

When we arrive at the end, we can remove tiles that are staying indoors and put them where not (the new roof over sloping surface and therefore more, we have to add or replace new tiles).

The transformation and possible for all forms of roofing (roof at 4 slopes with hip-shaped or L) if your roof with two slopes it will redo the gears, it is the opportunity to open one or more windows.

Again I advise you to only perform these jobs.

This is a very specific technique that I developed.

Now imagine that the license be refused because you can have in your sector forte.passons a slope to the next solution.

3- The elevation

This is raising the wall of the house, to create a new floor, where you enter the big jobs because they must be studied and driven foundations (the question is whether they can bear the burden of this new level) .

But it's really profitable because unlike the two cases before you receive 100% of the surface and therefore you double your living space.

I advise the customer to inhabit the site during the work, as we are now in heavy work, structural work.

Here's the technique: Removal of the tiles (which can be reused or not) laid the framework (which can be reused or not) then if there are gears they must be shaved. So much for the demolition (a demolition permit be requested bit)

Then lay the floor of the new floor and wall framing bois.Il remains only rested framing and tuiles.Cela to look simple but I assure you it is a big job.

And if now the permit are refused you because you can not take the altitude of panic there is a solution

4 - disburse the joists of the floor

This is even more technical. This is to lower the ceiling to gain upstairs.

Be careful not to drop and keep a minimum height of 2.40 meters ceilings. If it does not pass then it must disburse the ground floor.

Again this is big work to be quite expensive. This last solution if you just can not do the others.

And do not forget the staircase that it will occupy you from the bottom surface and the top.

Now you have an attic that may be amenable to development without structural alteration.

I invite you to look at this little tutorial of the height of land by ISOVER


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